About The Wax Museum

The Wax Museum is one of the longest lasting attractions on the Surfers Paradise scene. Established in 1968, the Wax Museum was located in The Wax Museum arcade amongst the bustling glitter strip that Surfers Paradise was known, and still is, known for.

The front of the building was covered in smaller versions of the famous face that we have today. It featured a dungeon for the Chamber of Horrors, accessible by a spiral staircase.

Edited Old Museum photo

In 1996, The Wax Museum was relocated to 3049 Gold Coast Highway. This new location debuted the much larger famous face at ground level. The face on our current location is the same face, although it has had many a ‘facelift’ to maintain its aesthetic over the years.



At this location we experienced such rapid growth that we outgrew our location and looked for a larger space to display our newly purchased wax figures. The new location needed to allow room for expansion and to facilitate the rapid growth of the tourist industry at this time.

In 2002 we relocated to our current residence on 56 Ferny Avenue. This location also gave us the opportunity to once again create a ‘dungeon’ for the Chamber of Horrors and a much larger space for the Famous People section.


We closed temporarily for a number of months in 2016 to redevelop our foyer area and give The Wax Museum more space for current and future exhibits.


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